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Soft Wash Building Washing

Keep your business or storefront clean and bright with regular pressure washing services from Motek Pressure Wash.

Over time, heavy vehicle and foot traffic may cause areas around your business to look dingy, old, and worn. The great news is that pressure washing offers an affordable solution to clean and restore your business front. Our technicians have the equipment and training to clean a variety of surfaces and help remove the stains, heavy grease, and grime that are commonly found in and around convenience stores, gas stations, restaurants, and many other types of businesses. Our team is ready to make your business look and feel like new. Our team is dedicated to delivering efficient cleaning techniques and safe, effective cleaning solvents and solutions. Our services are also effective on gum, graffiti, and dumpster pads.

Parking Lot Cleaning

Tame your jungle with professional pressure washing services with Motek Pressure Wash. 

Constant foot and vehicle traffic tends to cause a buildup of dirt, rubber, grease, oil, and fuel and may cause your guests to get the wrong impression of your establishment. If your parking lots or structures have started looking a little darker and dingier lately, the professionals at Motek Pressure Wash are ready to help brighten things up with professional pressure washing services. Our team of cleaning technicians will remove years of built up oil, grease, and rubber, as well as flush away dirt and grit and give you a welcoming space for clients, customers, and employees.

Contact us today with your parking area or other cleaning needs and let Motek Pressure Wash tell you more about how we can make your business or commercial property shine.

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Surface Cleaning

Our team has the equipment to handle your projects safely and quickly while staying on schedule and budget. 

Cleaning exterior surfaces on a multi-level, multi-unit property can be a major project. Let Motek Pressure Wash help you maintain your property or prep surfaces for projects like painting and repairs. Our goal is to help our clients with all types of maintenance and repair projects with professional pressure washing services. We have experience with the privacy and communication concerns of tenants. Our team is ready to get the job done quickly, hassle-free, with open communication to help you keep your tenants happy. Our commercial property services include: Siding and roof cleaning to remove algae, mildew, and mold. Gutter cleaning to keep things flowing smooth and keep your property dry. Pressure washing of driveways, sidewalks, and patios, etc.

Contact us today for additional information and to request a quote for your next exterior commercial property clean up project.

Gum, Graffiti, And Rust Removal

Our heated pressure washing with safe, professional degreasing formulas clean up all kinds of grease and contaminants. 

Regular cleaning can effectively remove fuel, grease, oil, grime, and dirt from concrete, pumps, buildings, and dumpster pads around gas stations and keep your business looking friendly and inviting for your customers. We use high pressure with hot water and specialized chemicals. We have the training and specialized gear to completely clean gas stations of any size. Our complete gas station cleaning includes cleaning pumps, equipment, buildings, parking lots, sidewalks, dumpster pads, and awnings and canopies.

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